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Global Doctors started operations in the year 2003 and is a household name in the local communities of Mont’ Kiara, Hartamas and neighboring Bukit Damansara; thanks to the individual tailored, patient-centric health care rendered by dedicated medical and paramedical staff. We are uniquely positioned to provide medical care with international quality and practice standards that are recognized and accepted globally. Here at Global Doctors, we continue to strive towards becoming a leader in the provision of world-class healthcare, by being in the frontline for providing primary care, secondary care and pre-hospital care with a strong network of tertiary care hospitals.

Global Doctors Malaysia with its 15 affiliate clinics across China, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia have formed the Global Doctors Alliance in a move aimed at facilitating ease of referrals between countries and to ensure that our patients receive the same high quality of healthcare and service standards in any of the countries of our partner clinics. In forming this Alliance, we are building a brand that our patients can trust and rely on when in need of medical help.

Primary Care

General primary care services

  • Family & Emergency Medicine (GP)

  • Travel Medicine Vaccine Centre

  • Laboratory Services

  • Cardiac Care

  • Asthma Care

  • Patient Observation

  • Water Sports

  • Injury Care

  • Animal / Insect Bite Management

Surgical services

  • Burns Management

  • Toilet and Suturing

  • Incision and Draining

  • Dressing Care

  • Circumcision

  • Fracture Management and Splinting

  • Minor Surgeries

  • Removal of Foreign & Body Biopsy


Island Clinic

bayu clini.jpg

With 2 strategically located clinics in one of the most prestigious expatriate neighbourhoods in Kuala Lumpur city, Global Doctors aims to provide medical care and service that is genuine and heartfelt for families and working professionals alike.

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langkawi clini.jpg

Global Doctors have always been in the forefront of establishing world class health facilities in the region. In addition, Global Doctors has decisively targeted Langkawi Island as its third clinic in Malaysia to cater to the influx of foreign tourist either present for leisure or business and concurrently cater to the medical needs of the domestic residents with no compromises.

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Vivantan Rebak urgent care clinic.jpeg

Urgent Care Services

Urgent Care Centres are specifically design to provide a range of services that aims to provide all types of treatments onsite with medical preparedness. Urgent Care will be able to provide immediate care to the workers and staff in factories & participants at sporting events. Urgent Care also provides medical concierge service for hotel guest.


  • Immediate Medical Service & consultations

  • Support for guest and staff with chronic health problems

  • Treatment for illness, injuries like burns, fractures, jelly fish stings, Bee stings etc...

Current locations

  • Vivanta by Taj Hotels Rebak island

Standarad Charterd Global Doctors onsite.jpeg


A licensed medical practice which includes long term and short term clinics. Short term clinics are temporary mobile clinics that are built specifically onsite when there are large congregations of people, for example at sporting events or concerts. Long term clinics are set up exclusively onsite for the workers and employees of a corporation.


  • Occupational health prevention & injuries

  • Afterhours medical consultation

  • Network Tertiary Referrals

Current locations

  • Standard Chartered Marathon Kuala Lumpur

  • Spartan Obstacle Course Races Malaysia

  • Top Glove factory F2

  • Top Glove factory Banting

Ambulatory Care Centre


Top Glove Global Doctors Medical & Dental Clinic

TGGD Medical & Dental Clinic, a partnership between Top Glove and Global Doctors, aims to provide high quality primary care, specialist and dental services to the community of Setia Alam and the surrounding areas. With our range of services, skilled and experienced personnel TGGD Medical & Dental Clinic is a one stop medical centre for your whole family. Whether we are stakeholders, patients, employees or industry-partners, TGGD is convinced whole-heartedly in our ability to improve lives, save lives and most of all - impacting lives positively.

Both organisations are committed to give the best in quality services to all their stakeholders. TGGD Medical & Dental Clinic is a multidisciplinary, multi-speciality 'Ambulatory Care Centre’ which comprises of Family and Specialist Practice, Diagnostics such as Ultrasound, X-ray, Stress Test and a Full tiered Dental Specialties, complimented by in-house laboratory and physiotherapy services. Whether we are stakeholders, patients, employees or industry-partners, TGGD is convinced whole-heartedly in our ability to improve lives, save lives and most of all - impacting lives positively.

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Secondary Care

Minimally Invasive Hospital

Global Doctors Hospital takes pride in being a one-stop full service medical centre, whereby consultation, diagnosis, treatment and reassurance can all take place under the convenience of one roof. Our well trained and highly experienced specialists and paramedical staff work closely together as a team, in order to deliver excellent healthcare solutions with the most effective and appropriate treatment plans for patients, conforming to international quality and practice standards that are recognized and accepted globally. 

GD hospital.jpg


  • Consultation and care with renowned specialists from more than 20 branches of medicine

  • Diagnostic (fully digital radiology imaging facilities)

  • Inpatient Services with Day care procedures

  • Minimally Invasive Operating Theatre Surgical Services

  • Rehabilitation Medicine

  • Emergency Medical Service

  • Laboratory Services (in conjunction with Mayo Medical Laboratories and Gribbles Pathology)

  • Allergy and Immunology Services

  • Domiciliary Care

  • OGUK Certification

  • Dental, Aesthetics & Implant Services

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